How we do?


Understanding a brand is our first step. We listen to you with patience. We try to understand your target buyers and their reactions. This is a brand analysis of your collection. It helps us proceed to the right direction along.

Design is the key to a correct pattern. Picking the right colors, shades, touch, size and finish make up the soul of a label. They add up to your thoughts on the sketch.

Color is the vital step to make sure that design really speaks for the brand. Human eye first catches the color on a product. Our current stock of available colors is + 1000. We have an existing color stock of +1000 different qualities. But we always welcome new comers and work closely with reputable dye-houses to improve.

Sample is the infancy of a label. It is a delicate and difficult work, as it includes endless tries of designer, creates a huge production downtime and vast use of material. But again, it is a must-taken step, as it gives you an idea of what your label will look like.

Fabric production is the core. Thanks to use of high technology, fabric is manufactured by state-of art equipment with highest output and minimum waste. Data transfer is done real-time without human interference, thus avoids related mistakes.

Finishing is a label?s makep. We may deliver in rolls or in boxes or in polybags. It really depends on your application; do you need a jocker sticker on the side, a satin woven label stiched on the inner neck or a satin print instructions inside the garment? You decide, we finish.